The APCD is a "Landesverband Sächsischer Philatelistenvereine e.V." member, which is associated with the "Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e.V." (BDPh).
It is also member in the "Federation Internationale des Societes Aerophilatiques"   [FISA]

APCD members are entitled to following BDPh services:
    - free subscription of the magazine "philatelie" (6 issues a year)
    - free classified advertisement in "philatelie" (1 time a year)
    - participation in exhibitions
    - reduced entrance fees at meetings and exhibitions of the BDPh
    - catalogue, journals, special literature as well as lending of testing sets
    - information and fake warnings and full collector´s protection
Membership in the " Aero-Philatelisten-Club Deutschlands " offers following advantages:
    - Free copy of the club magazine, "LUFTPOST-NACHRICHTEN" (3 times a year)
    - Free classified advertisement in the "LUFTPOST-NACHRICHTEN" (one a year)
    - consultation for aero-philatelic exhibits
    - Lectures and aero-philatelic literature

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